Saturday, November 3, 2012


Thandie Newton as Dominique
Benicio del Toro in the role of Lerance

Wendell Pierce as Sheriff Futrell

The first time I saw celeb photos in connection with film roles for a movie adaptation of a popular book, I thought it was a done deal. A few years ago, on her Facebook page, Julia Spencer Fleming had chosen spot-on actors for her characters in I Shall Not Want. I mistakenly thought the film rights had been sold, and the pics were of stars who were going to play Julia's characters. When I realized these were "wish photos",  I thought this idea totally bodacious!  Cherry-picking  celebs for a future project without any studio discussion?  Really? But, then, it was Julia Spencer Fleming!!  An author who writes elegant and mysterious tales.

Well, almost three years later, and after publishing my first novel, I thought it was time to finally cross over to being bodacious.

The following photos are of the very same people whom once rented space  across my line of vision when I was writing The Delilah Case. Since I saw them everyday for years in my mind and on the page, I thought it fitting I should finally show the world my "celeb wish photos". I hung out with all of them from the start; everyone, but the sheriff. Regarding Futrell, I occasionally conjured up James Lee Burke's face, but alas, he's a writer and not a performer. It was later, after reading Wendell Pierce's Facebook posts, and listening to an interview with him on NPR about his grocery store project for New Orleans, that I
 recalled how much I adored his performances in The Wire, and then  saw how perfect  he would be for this role. Okay, I had someone else in mind to play Darnell, but the process took longer than anticipated, and the actor got older along with the rest of us.  Tyson is utter and true D.
Isn't this cast scrumptious!

See if you agree, and let me know what you think.

Tyson Beckford as Darnell
Joan Cusack as Guyla Rae

Mark Valley as Kevin