Monday, October 21, 2013

FAR - Official Festival Trailer (HD)


 a Film by Brian Crewe

Coming to Edina Cinema on November 8, 8 PM

After a bad day at work, David (Andre Hall - Tyler Perry's LOVE THY NEIGHBOR TV series) literally runs into Hannah (Marion Kerr ...

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Shaded Desire
By Mickie Turk
            Hypnotized by so many flavors of ice cream, they pressed their bodies to the front of the counter.  The taller, more buxom of the two, removed her sunglasses and began twirling them like pompoms.  A muscle in the boy’s jaw strained like whipcord.  She twirled harder.
            They walked out with their selections into a bleached sweltering world.  Hot wet air dissolved and partitioned.  Beneath faded patio umbrellas, the soaring heat made peace with the inhabitants, allowing their body temperatures a few degrees of détente.  Everywhere else, it wrapped and sealed the skin like cellophane.
            The boy slid into a white plastic chair next to an umbrella table and began spooning the melting confection into his mouth.  Mercifully, she had perched the sunglasses back on top of her head. A leopard-framed, jewel encrusted, cat-like tiara, now reigned above a poofy Julie Newmar do.  A desperate awareness hung between them and teetered like a block of lead. Readying to plunge through the table, through the ground, all the way to the center of the planet.
            “I already told you. No.”  She was striking, even at her age.  Unlined tanned face, leggy.  A body that only punishing hours at the gym could forge.
            “But I really do love them.  And . . . sorry for poking fun earlier. I was a little jealous, that’s all.”
            “Tough, you still can’t have them.  You can’t wear them.  Mother of god, find something else.”
            His glare made her want to scream.  Some days she just couldn’t stand looking at her son’s face.  Sharp featured, straight nose, pouty mouth.  And those sleepy, mascarred china blue eyes beneath dark-arched brows.  The same damned face she saw each time she looked in a mirror.
            A sharp gust of wind swept across the patio bringing with it scorched earth that sprinkled and settled on every surface.  Dust particles cankered their pink and green treats. Without another word, she got up and threw her cone into a trash bin.  He followed close behind her, happy just to watch sunlight play with the tiny crystals on the side of her head.

            That night downstairs, the house band played the usual standards.  Upstairs, 70’s pop icon impersonators sat on folding chairs.  Onlookers watched while stylists ratted, shaped, and streaked their hair, and make-up artists painted glam and polish onto their faces. 
            They came to study one boy. The one with penetrating china blue eyes.  Who wore his pompadour the way the king used to.  And poured his body into a red, white, and blue striped leotard. With ripped gold lamé tights molded to buttocks and legs. A shimmering lightening bolt shot through the right eye completed the graven image.
            The boy jumped up on stage and grabbed the microphone. An enormous disco ball suspended from the ceiling and spinning like a top, weaved its magic spell over the tiny crystals on the side of his head.  

Friday, October 18, 2013



Then come see the entire breathtaking film HERE:


Friday, November 8, 8 p.m.

BRIGHT carries us into the life of Troy, played by Eric Nenninger (Malcolm in the Middle, Generation Kill, Glory Daze), a character who has built a world to protect himself from a paralyzing fear, and is encouraged to become brave by his blind adopted father Irwin, played by Robert Wisdom (The Wire, Prison Break, Burn Notice). It is a story that we can all live in. The cast is a stunning collection of actors to include Emmy Award Winner Glynn Turman (The Wire, In Treatment), Andre Royo (The Wire), Barry Kramer (Seinfeld), and Marc Menchaca (Generation Kill). BRIGHT is a contemplative film built for interpretation on several levels: that of a simple human drama, as a metaphor for the impossible search for childhood, as a metaphor for a spiritual journey, and as a story about the conflict between the natural and the artificial. The dialog is carefully crafted, sometimes cryptic, and there is weighed symbolism in every frame. The film plays against the bias of sex, dissolves race, and refuses to answer questions. It restores wonder to the film experience. Edited to move at the pace of real thought, it was made for an intelligent viewer to experience and go home discussing. It also happens to be beautiful. Made for $10,000 and shot in five days, it is a film created in the truest independent spirit. 
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Get your tickets today and we'll see you at the Edina Film Festival!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dunn Bros. Coffee Literary Event

If you're out and about tonight, come over to Dunn Bros. Coffee in Eden Prarie, 8107 Eden Prairie Rd, and listen to Rich Thompson, Judy Borger, and me speak about inspiration, journeys, and the writing process. It will be cozy and literate!  Ha!

Monday, October 14, 2013

 Announcing 3rd Annual Edina Film Festival

November 7, 8, 9 Landmark Edina Cinema

We are so excited to roll out the yearly Fall Tradition at Edina Cinema.

This year we are presenting a parade of features and shorts that showcase the finest in cutting-edge artistry and storytelling. From
 rich and moving documentaries to quirky and cult dramas; shorts that illuminate the dark corners of life and those that inspire and exhilarate. Minnesota Made, foreign, and classic. A compendium of life. We have something for everyone.
Check out our website for film descriptions, clips, and times and dates. Visit our Facebook page for updates. 
Tickets can be purchased online October 15.  Choose between individual tickets and festival passes. You will also be able to purchase tickets at the door.  

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