Thursday, May 2, 2013


 by Mickie Turk

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The central theme for my standalone books is identity. I love working in the murky waters of what happens when your normal life becomes upturned suddenly. Whether a character faces great loss and disappointment, or is unimaginably pummeled with threatening challenges, that person is going to change. In some cases, he or she will step up and become heroic; at other times, the same person will turn to villainy in order to survive. In the case of Made In The Image, I added one more layer to the moral stage: what will the actions and reactions of old friends and colleagues be when they discover one of their own is not "really" one of their own. At the same time, I am fascinated with the "new slavery" phenomenon in the United States and, after extensive research, decided to use this crime as the pivotal plot point of the story.

Book Description
Made In The Image is rollercoaster suspense that picks you up on page one and doesn’t let you off until you’re begging for mercy at the cliff’s edge.

Markiza, Russia’s most notorious human trafficker meets his match when he goes up against Miami’s daredevil cop, Lydia Angelova. When the elusive kingpin plants a mole inside her task force, he foils a sting that would have exposed his operation and freed two hundred young male slaves. Lydia doesn’t know whom to trust, so she fakes her own death and radically changes her identity in order to stay in the game.

When Lydia returns to work with a new face and name, the welcome she receives from her old team is mixed. But the team pulls together as they ready to close in on Markiza. In a final gambit, everyone’s life hangs in the balance, especially when Lydia’s old lover and partner, Detective Darryl King, suspects her of being the secret mole.