Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A Source of Inspiration
Written by Mickie c. 1996

Filling the well involves the active pursuit of new images to refresh our artistic reservoirs. Art is born of attention; its midwife, detail. At times it may seem like art springs naturally from pain, but perhaps that is because pain serves to focus our attention onto details, small compelling details. For instance, the memory of the excruciatingly beautiful curve of a lost lover's neck.

As often, people imagine great art to originate from grand schemes and exhaustive planning, delivered in broad strokes. But true art captures the imagination through its subtlety which is never created out of force or labor. Usually it is a singular image that lingers and lives within us, haunting our thoughts forever. Even in the midst of pain, it is the exceptional detail, focused and vibrant, that confers delight and comfort.

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