Sunday, June 17, 2012


My Plast Troop - I'm on the left.
It started when I attended a reunion with mates from another time warp - or are 'another' and 'time warp' redundant?  Well, something is wrong here, but I just love writing time warp.  In the sixties, I belonged to a Ukrainian organization called Plast, modeled after a British youth group (much like the American Scouts). People from my troop came from all parts of the country to Cleary Regional Park, Prior Lake, MN, to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Plast. So many memories got stirred up - some remarkable, others just yucky. Then I worked and worked out, and tried to untangle much of my outdoors, which due to neglect, has started to look slightly jungly.  And it was like pulling skin off my bones, I just did not want to weed and trim and sweep, when I could have been writing. I did write some, only three chapters left in my next-to-be published novel, Made in the Image. Brought my first novel, The Delilah Case, to a dear friend who did a bang-up job cleaning it up.Yes, there will be a new upload to Kindle, soon. Just as soon as I finish formatting the the manuscript for CreateSpace, which entails publishing the trade paperback. Speaking of which, The Delilah Case book cover, thanks to the immensely talented Ben Hovorka, now has a very creative back with blurbs, and a spine that tantalizes and compels when sitting on the book shelf. Got the finalized arrival dates from my Key West-hood friends. For the occasion of their visit to our fair city, Minneapolis, the group made plans to get together for Chanhassen dinner theater - you guessed it - XANADU!! Also, I plan to make my famous lentil stroganoff. Are you reading this Bobbie? This reunion, I'm really looking forward to. Dragged my friend Shelly (and Jack the curator, out of his sick bed) to the Hennepin History museum two days in a row to take author photos of me. Used Instagram afterwards to create a mood and a look. Discovering Instagram was  pure joy and turned me into an addict.  Spent nine+ hours on it one day. Interviewed a potential housemate. And the Piece de resistance: viewed docs, narratives and shorts for the upcoming Edina Film Festival, October 11 - 13/2012. As a volunteer programmer, I get to preview a variety of local films. It's the best job in the world because as I've said before, and I'm saying it again!  Minnesota is filled to the brim with outstanding, peerless talent.
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  1. What a brilliant pic from your childhood! I have barely a pic from my young days, my parents never took them - they might have found me somewhere.

    Me, a book? Oh boy never, I've seen what goes into writing a book; passion and dedication- I have neither.