Friday, January 31, 2014

Sherlock Masterpiece PBS

Mickie, we've had enough direction
from you for one day.
I love watching Masterpiece Theater Sherlock because for ninety minutes, I can be fearless, invincible, Über sharp and bright, stuffed to the gills with bravado, adventurous, and nearly completely filterless. Living the dream.

The script's shiny style and impeccable layering of scene and character keep you vicariously hydroplaning from beginning to end. It's like understanding that if you can keep up with the plot, nuances et al., you can, for a very short time (long-term ramifications from endorphins exploding in your brain notwithstanding), become as dynamic as Sherlock and have at least as much fun. 

Benedict Cumberbatch is peerlessly arresting as the hat detective, and the supporting cast have become old acquaintances. In my wild imagination I feed them dinner, something I quickly whip up, like my rosemary potato quiche. I don't say a word. I just serve, sit quietly, and listen. Yeah, right.

Final episode of the season on Sunday, February 2--right after Downton Abbey. You can bet it will be unforgettable.

She thinks we're cool.

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